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  1. Thanks guys! I did not know Chrome.exe ran so many .exe files. I did a CPU clean up i.e., alot of dust around the fans and new thermal paste and computer is running fine!
  2. I just restarted the PC and when I clicked on my Chrome desktop icon, I received the popup and I clicked deny twice. I also still see 20 Chrome.exe files running though.
  3. Chrome is clicked through a desktop icon. I typed it in and clicked on Chrome and still see it.
  4. Hey guys, I need help. My computer has been SUPER laggy, to a point of where my mouse lags and when I type and the computer is becoming unusable. I took a look at my Task Manager and I see cmd.exe, conhost.exe and (27) chrome.exe files start running as soon as I run Chrome. But, when I close all Chrome.exe files, the computer is still super laggy. Here is a iCloud video I took of my task manager showing the excessive power usages. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0eTUFKpQcbgh3Y0t9SyYn5dfg I did a few scans from different applications. - ESET Regular Scan: Nothing. - ESET Online Scanner: Nothing. - Malware Bytes: Nothing. - Malwarebytes AdwCleaner: Nothing - Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) by Malwarebytes: A few things found, I attached the log file. - RogueKiller Anti-Malware V15.0.8.0: A few things found, I attached the log file. - Rkill 2.9.1: Nothing found. - TDSSKiller: Nothing found. - Norton Power Eraser: Nothing found. - Combo Cleaner: A few things found, after I deleted them. Problem still continues. I don't know what's going on but several days ago my website was infected (it would be redirected elsewhere) and whenever users visited the website it redirected to a random site, I'm not too sure if that has any connection. Every time I terminate the additional chrome.exes and cmd.exe and conhost.exe - Chrome, itself crashes along with the installed extensions. I also made a 1min video show casing it: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/criUVXViKLY I also attached both files from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Addition.txt FRST.txt JRT_.txt RogueKiller Results.txt
  5. How I got a new email that says Thank you for choosing ESET and it generated me a new license key with a new expiration date. I also see it inside the program:
  6. When I click on Update modules, I get this: My license key is valid for another year. Can anyone help?
  7. How do I check my version in the settings? No one is actually willing to help because of the covid19 issue right now plus alot of the people around me will find a way to up charge me. So since you know about this and it seems like a widespread issue, me having this detection was not directly from my paranoia of the remote session I had especially since files cannot be installed with my permission but rather this is a worldwide problem? What will this update do for me and should I now have to spend the time to backup everything right now before I do it?
  8. I just did and I got this. I have this motherboard as a desktop PC and the remaining parts of this PC Desktop is custom built - its not a notebook.
  9. So you think it was a coincidence that I may have been paranoid from the remote session I had with someone and then did the custom scan the same day?
  10. I had someone do a FixMe.IT session and I didn't know it would automatically give the person full mouse/control and how easy it was for them to install things on my computer without any large visual consenting request or a popup. I mean after I installed that software and tried to remote my laptop to see how it worked, I wasn't able to install programs in my computer on the other side in the session without a popup consent but I was able to literally install a FixMe.It Client Session.exe by simply clicking the install button on my end as the "technician". But, I'm not to sure if this can be derived from that or this Lojox just so happy to be in my computer? And I did the scan and it picked up on it?
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