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  1. I just ran the ESMC upgrade on my old ERA Server. After that I ran the Security Management Center Components Upgrade as well as an Update for the Rogue Detection Sensor Now the ESMC Reports that the Server has the following installed: Remote Administrator Agent 6.5.522.0 Remote Administrator Server 6.5.522.0 Management Agent 7.0.553.0 Security Management Center Server 7.0.553.0 Rogue Detection Sensor 1.1.693.0 I do see the previously specified Registry Entries for the ERA Agent, as well as similar entries with the ID FF4A76B03E71D144183AEA3C39576B29 for the ERA Server. So I would guess that while the upgrade was successful (it does Show me the new GUI at least, and I suppose it wouldnt really work with both versions actually installed) the same uninstallation error can also happen with the ERA Server.
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