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  1. Hello I went smooth with upgrade ESMC 7.0 to 7.1. All components are up to date on my ESMC server and this server is the only one which is upgrading status. On endpoints there is no any error in Agent Logs. The last time when they try to connect was the time on which i have upgraded ESMC. When i deployed agent via server task on a new computer (using same certificate as all previous computers) client is replicating to ESMC withouth the problem. I think i need to upgrade agents but how? I should use upgrade ESMC components but to do this i need working agent. Should i deploy agant again using server task on all clients? Any advice?
  2. Thank you @MartinK ! There was old policy which said that Eset AV should use proxy. After unassigning computers from that policy activation went flawlessly
  3. Hi Few days ago we've upgraded ERA to ESMC. I have only some problems with upgrading agent to the 7.0 version (details in another topic). But i'm trying to deploy completly new machine. Agent installed flawlessly, same as Eset Endpoint (both of them are the newest packages od 7.0 versions) When i was creating installation task i've chose eset from repository and i've pointed my license (always accepted EULA) ESET AV installed withouth a problem but is not activated. Sometimes it happened in 6.5 version but i was using Activation task and everything works. With new agent, task was executed but fails aplying. I've double checked my activation client task but it's execution always failed. I was trying to search details in ESET Management Agent logs but always there was a last error log file. Now i don't see those file. Status log file shows that everything is ok. Can someone help me with my problem?
  4. Ehhh. nevermind. Both options didn't worked As i can see all computers affacted by first try of new Agent installation are in situtaion that registry entry saids that old agent (6.5.522.0) is installed but there are no any files, services etc. of it. So i can't use registry cleaning client task (this one which you mensioned in private mesaage) because any agent of this computers is not comunicating with ESMC). On that computers only solution that worked was starting computer in safe mode, use eset uninstaller tool, clean old agent registry entry with it) and then after restart new client is installing flawlessly. But it's not an option with about 100 clients And those machines are conneting with ESMC but they are duplicated in Console Any other sugestions? Any option for new msi installer release with registry cleaning tool?
  5. So should i use MSI installer withouth any ini configuration file or with ini file but withouth custom Initial installer configuration (only standard server adress?)
  6. I've took same steps but always error when deploying via gpo (or manualy from the same folder as GPO)
  7. I'm using Windows based installation and after moving the backup files from previous installation (as mentioned in upgrade tutorial) I had to restart the tomcat server. It solved 404 problem in my case.
  8. We are deploying Agent via msi installer + ini configuration file generated from era server (currently updated to v7) I've always upgrading agent adding another msi to gpo (as update packet) and new version is installing without problem. Until now. I've created the new ini file from console and putted it in same folder as new msi file. Policy is trying to apply but there is 1603 error and agent is still in 6.5.x version. It was the best way to upgrade the agent untill now. How can I upgrade client via msi and ini file now?
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