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  1. Problem solved - I once again removed the Agent, rebooted and reinstalled the agent, after some minutes both agents connected to the Server. Status.html did not show any error (all green but no last replication). The trace. log showed the error i pasted in my initial posting.
  2. Two clients stopped connecting to the ESMC Server after upgrading the Agent to V7. I tried to remove the Agent and reinstall but unfortunately there see,s to be no way to get the clients to connect. There is a suspicious entry in the trace.log: 2018-09-01 08:31:03 Information: Kernel [Thread 880]: Initializing module ERAG1ClientConnector 2018-09-01 08:31:03 Information: ERAG1ClientConnector [Thread 880]: <CONNECTOR_MODULE> exception class Era::Connectors::G1ClientConnector::no_installed_product occurred at ProductOfflineConfiguration\WindowsProducts.cpp:56. Product not installed. 2018-09-01 08:31:03 Error: ERAG1ClientConnector [Thread 880]: <CONNECTOR_MODULE> No module is subscribed for message StatusLog_APPLIEDPOLICYPRODUCTS_STATUS (10405) 2018-09-01 08:31:03 Error: ERAG1ClientConnector [Thread 880]: <CONNECTOR_MODULE> Publish msg of type StatusLog_APPLIEDPOLICYPRODUCTS_STATUS failed 2018-09-01 08:31:03 Information: ERAG1ClientConnector [Thread 880]: Connector was deactivated. No tasks will be processed and no logs will be produced.
  3. sorry Marcos, i failed: Component Upgrade Task now works to upgrade Clients agents from 6.5 to 7.0 Congrats to eset for the very fast correction of this issue.
  4. I can confirm, that "ESMC component upgrade task" now, was successful to upgrade a clients Agent from 6.5 to 7.0
  5. @ Marcos: ru sure: "Agent can be upgraded by sending an ESMC component upgrade task to clients. "?? This didn't work on any client at our site. We had to create a "run command" Task to download and upgrade the agents at client side.
  6. @Marveltec: Please specify why a "run command" task mentioned in https://support.eset.com/KB6819/ "III. Agent upgrade using Run Command Client task" does not work.
  7. Yes i already upgraded the agents using "run command" tasks, Just wondering what the ESMC component upgrade task is for?
  8. Steven, i can confirm, that the Eset Plugin for Automate seems to be broken. We also cannot create or edit ERA Policies because the policy editor shows a blank screen. We are on ESMC 7.0.553.0 , Automate 12 Patch 8, Eset Plugin The ERA Plugin logs do not show any relevant entries. We do not use the Automate Plugin often, because we manage our clients via ERA/ESMC, so i cannot tell when it got broken. Regards Thomas
  9. I did an upgrade of my ERA Server to ESMC7 which went flawless. After upgrading i tried to upgrade the agent of the Server itself and a clients agent to V7 using a ESMC Component upgrade Task. The task finished successful but the agent version stayed at 6.5.522.0. A manual execution of the agent installer msi at the server itself installed the V7 Agent. So does anyone know, how to get the ESMC upgrade task working on Client side to upgrade the agents, since updating the agents manually is no option?
  10. The Eset Support Team seems to have fond a glitch with parsing of lnk files. I was told, this problem will be solved by a module update.
  11. @ Peter Thanks for your reply. I ran Procmon while doing a startupscan and it seems ekrn.exe tries to access all entries of the systems path variable wit some "\..\" added and then the "C:\Windows\syswow64\reserver30\" added. - Screenshot attached. No clue why ekrn.exe does this, where it gets the path from and why it seems to find a file under this strange path. As you suggested i opened a ticket at the local Eset support and provided the logs. Regards, Thomas
  12. We´re running Eset FileSecurity for Windows Server 6.5.12010.0 on a SBS 2011 (technically Server2008R2). Our customer is using a software called Remote Administrator 3 to gain remoteaccess to the server. This software is reported as potential unsafe application by eset products, which we were aware of and set up the necessary exclusions. The executable "rserver3.exe" ist installed under "C:\Windows\Syswow64\rserver30\" and the path and the executable are excluded. This exclusions were working without problems for long time, but suddenly we got messages about rserver3.exe as potentially unsafe application again, FS 6.5 shows a strange path for the rserver3.exe like "\D:\AdoMed\Util\n7\..\..\..\..\..\..\Windows\SysWOW64\rserver30\rserver3.exe". The count of "\..\" varies from 5 to 6 and each entry is logged twice. The messages are logged at the startupfile scan. The folder "D:\AdoMed\Util\n7\" exists on the server, but it does not contain any subfolders, symlinks or the rserver3.exe. Does anyone know why Eset FileSecurity mixes up folders in the Servers filesystem and reports not existing files?
  13. Similar problem here. I tried an upgrade task from EAV 6.5 to 6.6 via ERA on a Win10Pro(1703) machine. The task failed several times with error 1921. Then i tried to do the upgrade manually, which failed due to eset service could not be stopped. After the manual installation EAV 6.5 was crippled(not showing up in APPS and Features anymore, left over in the context menu, eset service running, no GUI). I did a manual uninstall of EAV with the uninstall tool in SafeMode. After that i could install EAV 6.6 via ERA. Strange!
  14. When a policy with exclusions(File system paths not to be scanned by the eset security product) is distributed to the clients, with actual ERA/Endpoint Versions it is not possible to use(merge) more than on policiy. We need to create exclusion policies for different computers and software configurations and merge them at client side. For Example: Policy 1 for Server 2008 Policy 2 for Server 2012 Policy 3 for Software ABC Policy 4 for Software DEF now we can combine policy one and 3 for a Server 2008 with Software ABC installed and policy 2 and 3 for a server 2012 running software ABC. If a computer runs software DEF we want to apply policy 4. At the actual ERA/Endpoint builds we have to set all exclusions(Server 2008, Server 2012, ABC, DEF...) in one policy and apply this policy to all clients. Regards Thomas
  15. Many thanks for this information.
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