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  1. Yes, I consider Eset to be top notch, which is why I use it. While eset internet security is able to scan PC in normal mode it is however unable to do it in safe mode, Eset Online Scanner is able to do that in safe mode as well. They support each other. What do you mean by local eset customer care? How do I please do that? Thanks
  2. So, no answers,replies or help? There is no solution and eset online scanner is broken forever and cannot be fixed? It has been 5 days, I uploaded the files, they were downloaded and I received no further help.
  3. Yes, I tried that multiple times in past, yesterday included. Tried it now, tried also downloading new EOS and it still doesnt work, same thing happens again 😕 ESETOnlineScanner.zip I uploaded the folder here. I do not even have any subfolders there.
  4. Thanks for reply. EOS is, have been using this for I think half a year, it kept updating to newest version. I have been using esetonlinescanner_sky.exe. Now after it updated to newest update, it no longer works, upon launching it only tray icon shows up, but after hovering over it, it disappears. After launching EOS it doesnt even show up in task manager. Sure, I have uploaded both here in message, feel free to have a look :). Edit: Tried newest EOS and it too crashes upon launching, just like before. esetonlinescanner_sky.zip ESETOnlineScanner.zip
  5. I downloaded and installed 30 day trial version of eset internet security, for home users. Do I find that inside the eset menu?
  6. Thanks I read on reddit that there is a 90 day trial running right now, is it correct? I was unable to find it anywhere on eset website. How can I get to it please? Thanks
  7. Is antivirus ok and enough or should I get internet security? Do all 3 different packages get same signatures? They do I presume.
  8. Oh, all right then,thanks for reply I adore eset online scanner, I tried normal eset few years ago, but this one detected more stuff. Were developers please notified of this problem?
  9. So, how do we fix this please?:) I still believe the problem is in todays update, maybe it is related to this error from event viewer? It certainly must for two reasons: When I launched eset online scanner for the first time today, it worked, that is until it updated to the newest update, then it crashed and kept crashing upon launching. Then when I found an old installedr in Downloaded folder, it too worked, so I scanned my pc without updating it in safe mode (network doesnt work anyway), and it worked, BUT when I restarted PC to normal mode, and let it update, it t
  10. Errors and winlogs from today. Faulting application name: esetonlinescanner.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5e7b736f Faulting module name: esetonlinescanner.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5e7b736f Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x000b62f8 Faulting process id: 0x194c Faulting application start time: 0x01d6083f87bc89b1 Faulting application path: C:\Users\User\Downloads\esetonlinescanner.exe Faulting module path: C:\Users\\User\Downloads\esetonlinescanner.exe Report Id: 07adfab1-85e5-4fcf-8244-fc4293654c71 Faulting package full name: Faulting pa
  11. I think I know why was it reported. Since I bought this PC, I was never able to turn on network/internet while being in safe mode despite checking that option, and I kept scanning with eset online scanner also in safe mode without internet connection. Eset online scanner tried connecting online to check for updates but failed, therefore it reported this in event viewer. It is probably this what is reporting. Anyways, I tried adding esetonlinescanner.exe as an exception, and tried launching it, it turned itself off right away. Then I tried turning off Avast, and launching
  12. thank you, what do you mean exactly, event viewer? In the Application section? I searched through the System section of event viewer and while I found both IDs, they were saying different thing that you mention in your post :P. Event 1060, last one comes from date 28/3 The description for Event ID 1060 from source Application Popup cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originate
  13. Hello, after todays update eset online scanner keeps shutting itself off right after launching it. Can you please fix it? I am using windows 10 if that helps :D. Thanks.
  14. thanks just to make sure guys, am I dealing with bug and files that I used/downloaded are safe, right? Just want to make sure I really am not dealing with any malware here and launched unsafe file. thanks again
  15. "this exe you have uploaded to VT has a different name than the original exe that is listed in ESET website , I won't take it , go to the original source always. " Nightowl, are you referring to EOS_v3.exe ? On hdd it is shown as esetonlinescanner_sky.exe. So, is it internal name of the file then and all right? Especially considering I downloaded it from official website. It seems like this shutting off has something to do with new update, I found in my downloaded folder an old esetonlinescanner_sky.exe file, it worked, but after update it too shut itself of
  16. Guys, I downloaded eset online scanner from https://www.eset.com/int/home/online-scanner/ That you provided here. This one as well turns itself off right after I launch it. I suppose the new update bugged it? Edit: Point also is that I always downlad eset online scanner from official website :D, not from any other websites. I usually dont even have to because it updates by itself. I scanned my pc few days ago and eset worked fine, but upon todays update it eset started shutting itself off right after launch.
  17. Exes I uploaded are from original source, official eset website. Their name on my HDD is esetonlinescanner_sky.exe, also esetonlinescanner_enu.exe. This is where I downloaded them: https://www.eset.com/sk/internetova-ochrana-domacnosti/online-scanner-antivirus/ and also english version of the website,cannot find it anymore. Not sure why they are called EOS_v3.exe on virustotal. I am uploading them here, could you check them please? Thanks esetonlinescanner_enu.zip esetonlinescanner_sky(2).zip
  18. I am little bit freaked out, I use eset online scanner (one time antivurus scanner), avast, malwarebytes, roguekiller, malwarebytes mbar (anti rootkit). Today is weird, Eset online scanner after updating acts weird, after update it refuses to launch, roguekiller reports that there is while website where I download it says the most actual version is still Avast suddenly needed critical update, roguekiller says that it has new update while website says newest udate it still, and when instalĺing new version it asks weird thing, that it needs to shut down Window
  19. Yes, problem was that I am also unable to report this to avast since there is no file,so they cant analyse this. Yesterday I atleast tried reporting that website, not sure what will they say back. And what can they really do, whitelist it,or blacklist or, or not sure. Still,point is that avast keeps reporting it despite me not visiting that website. Cache was I suppose cleared when I reinstalled mozilla few days ago, so this should not have appeared at all. And yet it did.
  20. So, on Bleepingcomputer they helped me, but.. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/707078/avast-found-htmlscam-p-phish/page-2#entry4897881 Virus/file came back for some reason and I keep seeing it again. What should I do? I produced new farbar logs right after virus was found. I am attaching them to this post. I did not put it in chest or delete it (which doesnt work anyway). Can you look at these logs please? Avast doesnt show me file location or file name, just name of infection. And Eset Online scanner doesnt even find it, nothing finds it, not roguekille
  21. Avast is antivirus I use normally but I usr also eset online scanner since I had best results with finding viruses with it. Do you think I got infected somehow or were my logs clean? Why does avast still sometimes finds this "virus"? Am I still infected or dealing with false positive? Yeah, I will let you know edit: What I meant to say at beginning is, Avast despite saying that it blocked threat has not really blocked it apparently since it keeps showing up during scanning. It does not always show however. Not sure what triggers this virus to show up. is
  22. Hi, I regularly scan my pc and dont visit dangerous sites, so not sure how I got this,budt avast found HTML:Scam-P [Phish], on file or website or dont know what it is called game4853.firdayfun78.live . For scanning I use Roguekiller, Avast, malwarebytes, Malwarebytes mbar (anti rootkit) and Eset Online Scanner. I prefer Eset online scanner over normal Eset antivirus because it does superb job at detecting viruses. But for some reason it does not detect this virus, it keeps showing up only on avast and nowhere else. And it keeps showing up even after deleting it after scan with Ava
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