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  1. Hi All, Our network policies are that all computers are named with CAPITAL letters. When the ESET agent is installed and PCs join my ESMC server the FQDN is correctly captured but the "agent name" in ESMC always defaults to lower case letters? Why? Additionally... Running the server task "Server Tasks\Rename Computers" with the rename action set to "Computer FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)" does not capitalize the names? How do I change this behavior to use capitalization? Thanks in advance, Heath.
  2. Hi all, I wanted to created a procedure and policy for agent and endpoint decommissioning that my regional users who all have different home groups can use. First I created a static group for servers and computers, then I created and linked very basic agent and endpoint policies to these static groups. These policies strip away passwords for setup access and agent access that I do not want my regional helpdesk users to know. My logic here is then grant my regional helpdesk users rights to move agents into these static decommissioning so they can uninstall and decommission endpoi
  3. Aha, so simple when you know how ?‍♂️ One last question...is there any way of refreshing this data field? For some agents the data is good, for others it simply shows either the IP of the computer on which the Agent is installed or, the FQDN of the computer on which the agent is installed? On some Agents it displays an old FQDN name which the Agent used to have before a site renaming task was done on the agent names in the ERA database?
  4. Thank you MichalJ... Is there a KB article I can follow for how to do this? Cannot find much info via web search or on the ESET website? Is this something done via Webconsole or is this a SQL admins task?
  5. Hi All, My ESET platform is spans a large geographical area, is there any built in field I can use to audit (can't see one in report parts) or perhaps a custom field area I can begin to populate with the public IP address from which Agents use to connect into an ERA / ESMC server? Thanks in advance... Heath.
  6. Hi kingoftheworld... Your suggestion was correct, it got me thinking and I eventually resolved this issue via the following steps... Create a new permission set, called it - 'License ALL' 'License ALL' - Static Groups Access = All 'License All' - Functionality Access = Licenses Read, Use, Write Then edit all the native regional ERA users and add the 'License All' permission set as one of their assigned permission sets. Thanks a lot!
  7. I realize this is a very old thread but I'm trying to research a fix for this... I have this same issue, but moving the license does NOT help in a situation where I want to have multiple users who can only see their 'home' folder group like I would like to have? Moving the license fixes the issue for the regional user login you move the license file to, but breaks it for all other regional users who are set to only see their own regional 'home' folder? Is there a way to have 1 ERA license file, distributed between many 'regional site admins' who should only have visibility of th
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