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  1. Can anyone advise if there is a way to sort credit cards and bank accounts alphabetically. Web accounts are sorted correctly but not entries under Identities.
  2. Does the Eset Banking & Payment Protection module require SSL/TLS to be enabled for it to work properly?
  3. Well I did think that I had at least one banking website that opened in a secure browser but after trying this one again, it no longer works. https://www.commbank.com.au/
  4. If I open the banking application from the desktop it defaults to Explorer which is not my default browser. My default is Chrome v46. I have entered 3 banking sites and only one opens is a secure browser. The other two don't so how do I fix this. The sites that won't open in a secure browser window are: https://www.ubank.com.au/ hxxp://www.cua.com.au/
  5. You haven't said if the error is happening when downloading the software or when running it. The ATO uses a specific packer in their software download which normally causes a lot of anti virus programs to treat it as a virus. If the problem is downloading, then just turn off protection until you download the file then you can turn you protection back on again. The file should then install and run normally. I have used Etax for years and did find the packer problem in the last couple of years.
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