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  1. I have completely diabled Web Protection without disabling HIPS or Real-Time (did so befor your reply) and we're evaluating - should I disable Real-Time too and/or HIPS or should I give this a try? Would love an update as time permits.
  2. I've disabled all Web Filtering and it seems to make a difference, but currently HIPS and Real-Time are enabled - shall we see over a few hours or would you like one or both also disabled now?
  3. On October 23, 2018 Marcos posted "Ok, that's a known issue caused by locking the list of SSL/TLS filtered applications by a policy. We've been tracking it as a bug. It should be addressed soon, most likely by an automatic module update." We put a policy in place the turn off Protocol Filtering for applicaiton "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" and it seems to have improved, but it is still painfully slow on far too many web pages. Consequently I must be missing something. ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.1.2045.5 As of today the latest Up-to-date version ESET Management Agent 7.0.577.0 As of today the latest Up-to-date version
  4. The site hxxp://www.metalforming-usa.com/ is reporting compromised by ESET (HTML/ScrInject.B trojan) - virustotal reports site is clean - which is correct?
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