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  1. I don't want to discuss here the protection concepts, so let's say I need thorough weekly scans. Also I know some other possibilities to switch off the computer, including the power button. For me it looks really strange to make communication between agent and server only on time basis and not to report the task results as soon as they are ready. I moved to ESET products from Kaspersky, and there was no problem with agent - server information exchange. But anyway we have to work with what we have, so I hope that shutdown delay will make life better ?
  2. I have a Client task for full scan with shutdown scheduled weekly at Fridays on 22:00. We have about 30 computers and all users don't switch them off leaving the office on Fridays. The replication interval is the default one, I didn't change it after installation. For the Run command: is it possible to start the Full scan client task from the batch file or WSH script?
  3. Description: Make an option for shutdown delay in scheduled scan task Detail: For scan task with shutdown I see for some computers Last Status as Running, but those computers are actually switched off since last task execution. Will be great to have a shutdown delay to cover the connection interval, so the Last status will show the correct value.
  4. It would be great in the future to make an option for shutdown delay (in minutes) in "Client task settings -> Shutdown after scan" to cover the connection interval.
  5. To make 2 tasks I'll need the second one (with shutdown) be started after first (with scan) is finished. How could I make it?
  6. I have a Client task for full scan with shutdown scheduled weekly at Fridays on 22:00. And in "Client Task Details - Executions" on Monday I see for some computers Last Status as Running, but those computers are switched off since Friday night. When I switch them on, after some time the Last Status changes to Finished with Time from Friday night when the task actually have been finished. It seems that sometimes the computer is switched off before it reports the status to the server. Is it possible to change this behavior?
  7. Endpoint scheduler works both with policies and client tasks, but: If configured in policy, it doesn't start after bootup if the client computer was switched off at the scheduled time, even if I set "As soon as possible" in skipped task settings. In both methods in scan results report some computers with successful scheduled scan are missing until switched on. In client task executions they are listed as still "Running", but they are actually switched off after scheduled scan. Btw, I'm in Russia, and product name I've got from the letter with license key from noreply@orders.eset.com.
  8. I'm glad to confirm that it is possible! In "Policies > Edit Policy - Settings > Scheduler > Edit > Add" you can add new task of type "On-demand computer scan", and after setting task timings and skipped task options you get again window "Task details", where in "Advanced scan options > Edit" you can choose "Action after scan > Shutdown". I checked it with one test computer today and it works as expected.
  9. We have recently moved to ESET NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition from Kaspersky Endpoint Security. I had there friday night full scan at 22:00 on all workstations with shutdown after the job is complete. All the users left their workstations switched on. But in ESET remote administrator, if I schedule weekly scan with policy, I can't find the option to shutdown after the scan. How could I get the same functionality as in Kaspersky?
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