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  1. OK, now this one is REALLY strange. I downloaded Process Monitor, started it and pluged my OCZ Diesel 16GB flash drive into USB, to my surprise everything was OK, no freezes and I had an access to the flash drive immediately. I unpugged the flash drive, closed Process Monitor, and plugged flash drive in again, freeze, the problem returned. I couldn't believe running Process Monitor makes the problem disappear. So I unplugged flash drive again and started Process Monitor once more, plugged flash drive, no problem. Now tell me, what is wrong with it?? I can still make a LOG if you want it, but I can't reproduce and record problem while running the Process Monitor, the problem just doesn't occur at all.
  2. Ah, sorry guys for me not replying last week, I was just too busy with stuff to school and work, I'll try to make the log today or maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I'm gald I'm not alone in this.
  3. Yeah, I've done that while testing it before, I tried changing policies of removable devices, Quick removal and Better performance (write caching), both with NTFS and FAT32 file systems, the problem was still present just with OCZ Diesel 16GB flash drive on NTFS while NOD32 Real-time file system protection running. Also I have HIPS disabled permanently by default, so there shouldn't be any problem with that. Hmm, this one is interesting, I have updated recently and I even have automatic product update scheduled by myself for two times a week, but I have 7.0.302.0, trying to update manually will just return that 'version 7.0.302.0 is up to date'. And I have Device control integration disabled by default, no need for that. EDIT: Just browsed this forum and found topic about this 7.0.302.26 ninja update. It was even you stating that 'the only change in 7.0.302.26 compared to 7.0.302.0 is an updated EULA'.
  4. Hello, first post here on the forums. Straight to the problem. Recently I bought a licence for NOD32 Antivirus, as I knew it's amongst the best security solutions for PCs, with minimal resource footprint on the system. Everything works fine and I set it up the way I wanted, it always is a pleasure with all the advanced settings and control given to the user, like it. I also have a flash drive - OCZ Diesel 16GB, it was working without any problems for two years. Wasn't using it much lately, but yesterday I was trying to use it, for the first time with NOD32 installed and it freezed my PC and work with NOD32 for a good 2 minutes before recognizing the flash drive. And it does the same thing everytime I plug flash drive into USB. After some troubleshooting I found out the flash drive somehow interferes with Real-time file system protection, because if I temporarily disable Real-time protection, flash drive works straight away, after plugging it in USB without freezing. I've also done some other testing, formated the flash drive with different allocation unit sizes and file systems, result was, regardless of allocation unit size, the NTFS file system on the flash drive freezes the PC. Strangely FAT32 formatting works without a problem. I tried my other flash drive - SanDisk Cruzer Blade 8GB, it is formated NTFS and has the Windows 7 installation on it, and it works without the problem after inserting it in USB, no freezes. So I started to think that OCZ Diesel 16GB might be faulty, I tested it on my netbook and more importantly at school on 10 other computers, formated it NTFS, and completely without the problem. This way I pinpointed the NOD32 Antivirus as the source of a problem. I started to google some solutions, but there is not much about it. There are some reports about older versions of NOD32 having similar problems with flash drives and USB HDDs on Windows XP, freezing the NOD32 or the whole system, but nothing newer and on Windows 7. Can anyone help me or give some insight on this? Thank you. Jan
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