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  1. Will there be a v5 module push by ESET as part of normal updates that'll update existing systems from say 5.0.2260 to 5.0.2272 or do we need to do the patching/upgrades?
  2. I'm waiting on the module update for the v5 systems. I was able to upgrade about 25,000 of our endpoints to 5.0.2272.7 successfully, but still have 600+ devices being difficult with the inline upgrade. This is not good guys.
  3. We're using ESET Endpoint Security 5.x and we're seeing numerous installs where the ESET is no longer functioning correctly. When opening the GUI most options are missing and the banner shows as Smart Security. Is this part of the banner item at the top of the page or is there something else going on? I have no way to detect what is working and what is not working in the field as I'm unable to identify the product change in the console. Everything still displays as Endpoint Security. Upgrading is not an option for our environment.
  4. So the Zvelo problem is related to our internal network at HQ. I can use an offsite machine to reference URLs. I'll try installing 6.6 on the machine and bringing that info in. Thank you again. I'm assuming you meant & for DNS and not
  5. I have a few remote sites that are unable to browse the net. Web controls is turned on, but if I turn it off they regain browsing access. We're blocking all the bad stuff, but things like google work fine on our other installations so I'm led to believe it is a localized problem to the endpoint and not to ESET in general. I used to be able to manually configure the DNS on the box using standard google public DNS to restore browsing features, but this is failing. What else can I look for as a possible blocker in how sites are be processed? I also put in a ticket because the https://zvelo.com/zvelolive/ site isn't working for lookups.
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