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  1. Thank you for fixing Endpoint 5.0, there are small problems on some clients, but in General everything is normal.
  2. We have been working without antivirus for 5 days, are you doing something with Endpoint version 5.0 or are you only working with version 6.5? I'm afraid that another couple of days and I will not have to restore the antivirus, but format the disks on the PC.
  3. Fifth day waiting for the fix Endpoin 5.0 version, when will the solution be?
  4. is still time until December 2020. Version 5.0 is good, easy, understandable and the ERA server is excellent.
  5. Where you can download the patch for version 5, the third day without protection, this is serious. I waited at 18:00 CET but I do not see the links
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