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    I have been using Eset for 15 years. I have a three-year license for Smart Security Premium. I've tried a lot of different VPNs over the past two years. It's all one big disaster. Except Mullvad. It works at lightning speed, has low latency. In short, superb.  I advise everyone to use Eset in combination with Mullvad VPN. It's not cheap, but neither is Eset. I pay for superior service when I use Eset and Mullvad. All American antiviruses are a real disaster. They only have good ratings because they invest huge amounts of money in paid tests. Americans are not trustworthy either. I would never trust Americans with my information. ones are ok, but none come close to Eset in my experience. The same goes for VPN. For example, Mozilla uses Mullvad VPN because it is the most trusted VPN on the market right now.
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