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  1. Hi, when I use Eset banking protection in Google Chrome, Secured by Eset tag is not there. When I use Firefox, I can see Secured by Eset tag without any problem on the same banking site. Problem is only with Chrome. Is this some kind of bug? How will Eset fix this? Thank you in advance for your answer. Have a nice day. Andrej
  2. Marcos, thank you very much for your answer. I turned it off manually right now, because IT WAS NOT turned off automatically after installing ESET. I deleted Eset and installed it again, but problem was the same. It is not ok, because a lot of people are not aware of this and they are running two firewalls. But ok, now I am using only Eset firewall. On my opinion, Eset is the best security suite. The only one I payed for 5 licenses, with the smallest system impact. Both, on windows and android. But of course, nobody is perfect. I found another bug: when I am using hardened browser for banking sites, there is a green line/frame and I made a restart, so banking protection works ok. But there is no "protected by eset tag" on right upper corner. It looks like developers should fix these two problems. Firewall and banking protection eset tag. My browser is Firefox.
  3. Hi, would you be so kind and advise me, if I should turn off windows firewall and leave only Eset firewall enabled after Eset Internet Security installation. Both firewalls are on, which is confusing. With other brand security suites I tried, windows firewall turns off automatically. I use windows 10 64 bit. Is there some kind of bug in Eset internet security product? Thank you in advance for your advice. Have a nice day. Andrej
  4. Eset banking protection is not supported in Opera browser. Opera is on my opinion the only good browser. Will Eset ever support Opera? If not, I will change my security solution. I mean, why paying for something that doesn"t work. Would you be so kind and give a straight answer? Thank you.
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