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  1. I would like to thank everyone for helping me with this issue, it would seem Samsung Magician isn't very magical at all.
  2. Can No-one help? At this rate I'll Just change the software, I've tried everything I can and still with realtime protection off my ssd m.2 960pro performs as it should, with the realtime protection on its drasitcally slower, it;s as simple as pausing the protection and boom the ssd works fine?, anyone?.
  3. When running benchmarks on my 960 pro with internet security enabled the performance is drastically reduced?. Paused protection = 2,224Mb/s read and 1,970 write. Enabled protection = 598Mb/s read and 1,122 write. I searched the forum for others with this issue and found a post from 2016 that was closed, people also reporting this loss of speed using SSD with Eset. In the post you hint at it being only the benchmarker being to fault. can someone tell me if this is true. Samsung magician latest version. thanks for your time in advance.
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