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    Florian87 received kudos from opadilla in ESET Server Security - Web Control - Terminal Server   
    Hello ESET Team,
    I have a customer requirement, that Web Control needs to be deployed and enabled on Terminal Servers.
    Please let me know how that requirement can be met.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Florian87 received kudos from sziegler in Future changes to ESET products for Windows servers   
    Same for WebControl. Within terminal server / citrix environments this feature is some much requested... heads up ESET
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    Florian87 gave kudos to rekun in ESET Server Security - Web Control - Terminal Server   
    I would also like to vote for this.
    Really leaves a big gab open when users can just use Citrix og RDS to skip the filtering
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    Florian87 gave kudos to JeremyStantiall in Future changes to ESET PROTECT (formerly ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator)   
    My Suggestions are all for Eset Protect. I work for an MSP and we are managing Eset for hundreds of clients. These are all quality of life suggestions. 
    Software Install Tasks - Allow for a latest version selection rather than specific. You guys are regularly updating and we are either in the position of having 100's of installers tasks or having out of date installer tasks.
    Allow licenses to be locked to static group. IE you apply license to Customer X and all devices in that group have that license applied. This would also allow for use of generic tasks rather than individual.
    Allow the blocking the install of some products ie Eset Endpoint Anti-virus. We only use Endpoint Security and because humans we always seem to have the odd Endpoint Anti-Virus device floating around.
    Granular security. Specifically I would like to be able to block the ability for users or a group of users to run tasks on the entire top level (All customers). I had a situation where a junior mistakenly created a installer task for Endpoint Security and pushed it to everything instead of one device (unfortunately easy to do if you don't pay attention). This took me 2 days to correct.   
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