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  1. So, I think i figured out what i did. This is the package i installed, quite by accident actually: So now my question is: Due to the Core product being behind 2 versions, is it safe to use? Can it be activated? Actually based on this article, it seems that i should uninstall this and proceed with regular EFSW, which unlike this version can be administered via ERA 6+
  2. Ohh, okay. I see what you mean now, and it does look like it was installed:
  3. Thanks for offering to help, MichalJ-- I'm almost certain my licenses are okay: Here's the Execution history for my Deployment task: I have not tried to activate manually, because the application does not seem to be installed on any of the above machines. All that is installed on each is the ESET shell, which I'm guessing comes with the Agent, which did properly deploy.
  4. I hope the length of this post isn't scaring people away form helping.. I have purchased file security, but am currently unable to use it because ERA will not deploy it. Help!
  5. Policy not being applied correctly

    Perhaps I could just use the "Antivirus - Maximum security" policy? Is that fine for a file server that also runs SQL Server and Quickbooks server?
  6. Any plans to show more info about failed tasks?

    Yea I really really wish I'd tested it more thoroughly before rolling it all out since I definitely would have preferred to stay on 5. I agree with you--while I can understand their move to the web console for larger distributed applications, for a small business like the one at which I work, its entirely unnecessary and i find myself realizing just how limited web consoles are. Everything from the time to display data to the lack of right-click context menus.. it's just all so clunky.
  7. Policy not being applied correctly

    Is there a better way to activate these across the board? Certainly you don't expect users to click through every single section to enable the policies for a default policy application?
  8. Policy not being applied correctly

    Oh, wow, thanks Marcos. I thought the grayed out circle meant that it was currently selected. I see now that I need to go through and select the correct administration settings for all the settings in this policy.
  9. When I initially deployed File Security two a couple domain controllers for testing purposes, I had created the installer with an ESET built-in policy (Antivirus - Real-time scanner only) which claims that it is "Optimized performance for server." I was told here than I should instead use the Default configuration first, as it'll provide better protection and only roll back things if i have issues.. makes sense! So i created a default policy and applied it to the group in which these two domain controllers reside. Is there something else i need to do to get this policy to be followed? Portions of File Security are still not enabled, even though they are in the policy i've applied to the group: Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  10. I'm trying to use ERA to deploy File Security to 2 hypervisors and a domain controllers. Unfortunately, the task fails ambiguously. I say ambiguous because all the information i'm given is that the task failed. Let me point out that it'd be immensely helpful to have more information in the task execution area. even a link from the failed area to a report or a log file would be an improvement. These things existed in ERA5, and should be in new versions of your software. Searching for information as to why, I generated a report which further confused me: Here you can see my two hypervisors. For some reason when I generated the task, there was a task for Security Product, as well as Operating System. Looking back at the Admin section, I can only assume this is because when I click onto one Software Install section, two are indeed selected, one for Security Product and the other for Operating system. If anyone can explain this bizarre behavior, that'd be great. So, at this point in time it seems that my Deploy File Security Task, while failed, did succeed in at least some of its capacity. Supporting this is the fact that the File Security icon now appears near my hypervisors: However, the software does not appear to be present on either (I have rebooted them both): What further confuses me, is that as you can see above, there's an alert on VHOST. The alert is that the product is not activated: This seemed silly, but nevertheless i went ahead and attempted an activation task, which failed as well. Lastly, when I look in the log files (again, this manual step should NOT be necessary), I see a lot of this, which I can only assume is related to my issues, but I have no idea what to do about it: Please help! What used to be a simple deployment of software in ERA < 6, is now a major time-consuming and confusing mess! Thanks for your time.
  11. I assume that ERA is in active development, but as i was trying to troubleshoot failed tasks yesterday i came upon this post: Which is a couple years old, pointing out the missing feature from ERA 5. It's pretty bizarre that in a newer product, we have to do more work.. a sentiment that has essentially defined my experience with ERA 6.
  12. Thanks so much filips.
  13. Thanks for the confirmation, but your answer leads me to another question-- In the case that I want to change something via policy (so that i can apply the desired change to multiple computers), does the lack of a default policy in Remote Administrator means I have nothing to tweak? Or, if I create a new policy myself, is it in the default state out of the box so that I could apply it with minor things changed? Or perhaps, do policies work like Group Policy for windows servers--in that, only what you set or change in the policy is actually pushed to the workstation?
  14. Thanks for the reply, filips. How exactly do I apply the default configuration? For Endpoint there is a "Balanced" policy, but there isn't such a policy for File Security. Is it simply in the absence of a policy it uses the default config?
  15. Hi all, I need to deploy Endpoint Antivirus to a workstation which hosts a SQL Express database. Aside from the regular exclusions which I've seen automatically applied in the File Security product, is there a guide or KB article which goes through what i should do in this instance? I'm finding quite a lack of pointers in configuration for these products. I hope i'm just looking in the wrong places! Thanks!