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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I'll make a task to coincide with my next maintenance window, after which I'll reboot them manually.
  2. First off I'd like to point out that it's odd that there is not a more straight-forward upgrade for incremental versions of your software built in to ERA. If there is, please let me know! For the Endpoint Antivirus product, I followed a help article here which basically said to create a Software Install task, select the new version of EEA, do not select a license, and then select reboot when necessary. This actually worked flawlessly across 19 clients. For EFS this does not seem like a good solution as I do not ever want my servers restarting except when I do it myself after properly shutting down their running services. For now, I'm creating an installer without a license which I plan to try to install over the existing product manually. But in the meantime, what is considered best practice for upgrading ESET File Security for Windows Server? Are there any plans to make this more streamlined? Thanks!
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. It was my bad for not specifying our environment--Win7 Defender is the one in question, and it claims to have real-time protection on.
  4. They seem to work just fine together, but if there's no benefit to be had and I can safely disable Windows Defender, then who wouldn't want the extra performance? I'm just curious what y'all do. Cheers!