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  1. I'd like to access my desktop pc with my laptop using Remote Desktop from anywhere. With anywhere I mean: work, university, girlfriend house, etc. The problem I have is that firewall is preventing this incoming connection, if I disable firewall there is no problem and I'm able to access my desktop pc. With firewall activated I get this event in the log: 15/10/2013 07:07:46 a.m. No usable rule found xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:49204 TCP System where xxx is IP adress of my laptop. I can't create a rule to allow a connection from an IP that I don't know in advance. I was thinking that a way it can work is allowing incoming connections through port 3389, but I don't have a clue on how to do it and maybe is insecure. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance! P.S: For security I've changed the Remote Desktop listening port, it isn't 3389, but let's suppose it is 3389 (the default)
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