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    je m'intéresse beaucoup sur tout ce qui touche la sécurité informatique

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  1. bonjour le forum, je voudrais savoir pourquoi quand je vais sur le virus de radar versez voir les mises a jour je ne peux plus voir le nom des signatures merci de votre réponse
  2. good signatures OK ,but why so no similar behavior blocker has many other av for my the hips becomes obsolete so i do not quite understand the approach need i am seriously explained then how the product faces the zeros days for example knowing that most malwares detect if they run in virtualized environments ??
  3. fight mallware without a file for example among so many other
  4. hello i did not say it was a bad product but it lacks this something i found elsewhere and tests are done regularly i'm sorry
  5. Hello i have two av licence one of emsisoft anti malware and of eset and today i went back to emsisoft because i find it unthinkable that an antimalware product is not behavioral protection here's my personal opinion . goodbye eset i'll come back maybe if the developers get to the page
  6. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/-process-doppelg-nging-attack-works-on-all-windows-versions/
  7. hello i disabled my vpn and the problem disappeared it's weird like situation
  8. hello it does not have the same problem because i am connected to the internet i also have a vpn can be ?
  9. i have the firewall comodo but i did the test with the same windows result ,mystery
  10. hello Marcos, no but it's variable it never lasts fore more or less 1 min
  11. bonjour forum, j'ai parfois un message que livegrid est hors ligne cause serveur bas ou connexion réseau pourquoi cela se produit plusieurs fois par jour avec eset nod 32 antivirus?
  12. ok thank you but I just bought the antivirus I will try disabling the hips
  13. hello forum I would like to know if I can make compatible eset nod 32 antivirus with the comodo firewall for example by hips hello in the firewall thank you for your answer
  14. bonjour le forum je voudrais savoir si eset nod 32 antivirus 2018 était compatible avec comodo firewall? et quels réglages pour que tout fonctionne bien sans conflits merci pour votre réponse
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