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  1. Another nice feature for network monitoring. Description: Ability to take actions such as block MAC/IP address etc... Detail: Right now the connected home monitor is pretty useless because it is like I know someone connected to my network (good or bad) but I can not do anything about it (like block his access to my computer or from my network). Description: AdBlock/Guard Detail: AdBlock is a vital feature for secure browsing and I think it is about the time ESET will add AdBlock features or even partner with AdGuard.
  2. Yes I know but I do not want to encrypting my files (by the way I have ESET Smart Security Premium) I just want the ability to put a password on my folder or on my USB. I am not sure but maybe I wrong does encrypting and password are not 2 different things ? I am looking for something like this (Not Folder Lock): hxxp://www.newsoftwares.net/folder-protect/ and hxxp://www.newsoftwares.net/usb-secure/
  3. Description: Folder, USB password. Detail: people need the ability to make folders with password in a local computer. Moreover make a password to a USB drive so in any computer you will need to enter a password to access files on the USB
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