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    pcguy gave kudos to justme12 in Attempt to add root cert. Failed   
    Zip the Procman files and they will be small enough to attach if you want to send to ESET tech.
    I had the same results as you yesterday when I removed FFox.  HOWEVER: today I downloaded Revo uninstaller Pro and removed way more FF reg values than the normal uninstall of FF accomplishes.  THAT seems to have done the trick. I have no more events.
    Though I don't see why one has to go through this whole process.  ESET should install regardless and if there is an issue give notice. Must say, I have lost considerable confidence in the software as from a TLS issue that may have left one vulnerable and never knowing unless looking at the logs and then google researching what they mean. 
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    pcguy received kudos from justme12 in Attempt to add root cert. Failed   
    NOD32 was still uninstalled.
    I uninstalled Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta via WIndows 10 Remove Apps option in Control center. I then rebooted
    I then installed Eset 12.1.34 and rebooted. Right off the bat the error regarding cert error showed up in the log files even before I was able to disable TLS.
    I disabled TLS rebooted. I started Procmon up and captured the events and then enabled TLS and like clockwork, the log showed the same CERT error. This all happened without any Firefox browser installed in WIndows10.
    I can not attach the logfiles here due to the size of the Procmon files. I have uploaded them elsewhere and can provide a link.
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