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  1. Hello, Same problem, previous version could not be activated and blocked all Internet access, uninstalled. I tried the new build, activation is ok but "Network protection" remains red (even after reboot) and if I enable filtering mode (either automatic or interactive) all access are blocked. Still unusable unfortunately. ​
  2. I contacted them today, thank again for the help.
  3. Thanks for your answers. I didn't realize they should all match, and indeed one of them don't. How can I get it changed, should I contact ESET directly or the company I brought the key from? Great, thanks! It's indeed hidden well. For the false positive I'll try to reproduce it today, but it only happens for a few users and I think it's more likely caused by a poor network stack of their ADSL modems than by NOD.
  4. Hello, I'm using ERA 5.0.511 with a mix of Endpoint Antivirus (5.0.2214) and Endpoint Security (5.0.2214) and I'm struggling with 2 issues : - First the server won't recognize my license. We have 3 different licenses. Two are uploaded and recognized, but when I upload the third it's silently ignored (the license is not expired). I have contacted the support two weeks ago about this but still haven't had an answer. Is this a known issue? What are the limitations which restrict licenses from being handled by the server? - The second is about the configuration editor. The DNS poisonin
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