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  1. I'm sorry to necro this thread, but I posted here before and exactly the same issue is still occurring even with the gaming mode disabled and all the updates released since then, it's not "as" bad, but still ~35%+ CPU usage when opening a new tab, loading a YouTube video e.t.c - Any ideas?
  2. I'm the same, the "update" which filtered through did nothing for me, still lags like crazy, makes web browsing virtually unusable in it's current state unfortunately
  3. Is there any improvement or update on this? Still having the same issue after quite a while
  4. I can confirm this issue - Since restarting my PC specifically to apply the latest ESET update, my browser is now exceedingly laggy, ESET's CPU spikes up to 30% and usually idles around 15-20%, worse when a youtube video is open, but if I have Chrome open at all, I can feel the effects when swapping between programs.
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