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  1. What's the workaround on this? It's causing client software crashes in one of our environments. Uninstalling ESET off of the server got rid of the above mentioned error and the frequent disconnects. Can we whitelist this process somehow?
  2. Hi. MS Office 2016 Click To Run 16.8827.2148 it works fine. I rolled back to test and confirm. On both 16.9001.2138 & 16.9001.2171 it's stripping the e-mail body if the scanning sent items is enabled. If I disable sent items scanning it works as expected and used to. Windows 7 Office 2016, available to troubleshoot if needed. I also updated ESET EEA 6.6.2072.0 to 6.6.2072.4 as a troubleshooting step, no change.
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