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  1. Hi All, I am getting windows server 2016 event log error as "SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Unable to load sqlnclir11.rll due to either missing file or version mismatch. The application cannot continue." after update from ESET File Security 6 to 7. Environment as : Windows Server 2016 EFS 7.0.12014.0 MSSQL Server 2014 Any one have a solutions for this? Thanks.
  2. I am using the ERAS as HTTP proxy but disable HTTP proxy still not fix the issue.
  3. Hello, There is no ESET software listed on uninstall list for Windows control panel. This looks like the installation was not been completed correctly in the first place. Also re-install error as attached. Please advise on how to manually un-install the AV and what is the root cause ? This issue only happens on MS Surface Pro 3 and Dell Power Edge M620.
  4. The product column says ESET Remote Administrator Agent.
  5. Yes, I guess so. Will wait for an update from ESET modulator.
  6. Hello, My ERAS6 says Recent update attempts failed for some clients but I have done manually check on each clients and all of them show virus signature database is up to date. Please advise.
  7. Hi, No any issue with local install. Just push install failed.
  8. Hi, I am having the issue with cannot push install Endpoint Security 6 from ERAS6 which there have no issue with push install remote agent and uninstall older AV. But it failed when install the ESET AV itself. Please advise.
  9. Hello, Our environment is not allow internet access by perimeter firewall and trying to use HTTP Proxy for signature update and it does not work as well. Please let us know servers IP and ports that need to be opened for activation and signature updates. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Can this will add in feature request as other AV software e.g. symantec endpoint protection have this ability? Regards, Rut P.
  11. Hello, Is there any way to build the custom installer for Endpoint Security 6 which have license included for stand alone deployment ? Regards, Rut P.
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