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  1. So somehow I'm out of luck. Now I have activated extended logging and then created a ZIP file with 12gb using esetlogcollector. That can't be the case. Something isn't going right.
  2. Sorry for the late answer. I had a lot of work. In the meantime I was in contact with German support who opened a ticket. But he only referred to the FAQ's and I had the impression that he didn't understand the problem as if he were a learning AI. So I have now activated logging and will upload the collected results here. I just hope that the file doesn't come back will be 300MB in size. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I've searched through the entire ESET site but I haven't found anything except FAQs. Create a support ticket? But where?
  4. Hello everyone, My last post from August 2022 was about the spam filter not working. after the solution (outlook's own spam torture turned off and no self-defined rules) now suddenly with version I have the same problem. The senders defined as spam appear as blocked in the personal list but when they arrive again they are left in the inbox. Which makes you wonder which folder is actually being scanned. Just the "Inbox" or also folder in its own '.pst? Am at a loss?
  5. So I think I have the solution. If there are self-defined rules in Outlook that sort the emails into different folders after receipt, Eset will not sort them into the spam folder. If you delete all the rules, it works fine. Outlook's own spam filter does not interfere. Have a good time everyone.
  6. The second suggestion somehow sounds very logical. Since outloock's spam filtering was activated for me, I have now switched it off. Ii will report. Thank you in advance for the help.
  7. The problem is still there. The spam mails are marked as spam, but they are not moved to the junk e-mail folder even though the function is activated.
  8. I did thanks, but I can't say yet if it's working again. In any case, the fact that the plugin cannot be deactivated is the same again. (The selected plugin was activated by the system administrator) Will report as soon as I know more.
  9. I'm using EsetIS and Outlook 2021. Recently the plugin stopped filtering spam mails. The plugin also can't be disabled because it was set up by the "admin", whatever that means. Eset runs in automatic mode and all e-mail options are activated. I can't find a solution for this. Does anyone know the phenomenon?
  10. I recently updatet on two pc's from version 8 to 9.On both pc's i run oovoo as a skype alternative.After version 9 was installed there is only the connection visible between two videotalkers, ( counterpart is seen as online )but when calling the other, the connection could not built up. All other programs on these two pc's run in and outbound normal. As well as in "automatic" modus or in "interactive" modus. I have no idea what happens. Could anybody help?
  11. Each device has an unique IP Laptop1 xxx.xxx.xxx.22 Laptop2 xxx.xxx.xxx.25 Printer xxx.xxx.xxx.20 so assigned by my AVM Router.The phenomenon goes as follows: Start the first laptop, the printer is shown as "online". Start the second laptop, then the information "identic IP detected" the printer is shown on both pc as "offline". for example pc1 : 22.09.2013 09:29:55 Identische IP-Adresse im Netzwerk entdeckt ARP pc2 : 22.09.2013 09:29.56 Identische IP-Adresse im Netzwerk entdeckt ARP Ok when this is just for information, what else hapens that the communication is blocked? The communication in the router betwen devices is enabled! SS6 runs on both pc in automatic modus.
  12. How can i configure SS6 on two laptops ( Win7 and Win8 ) to prevent the blockation of my network printer after "identic ip adress detected" is shown? scorpio09
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