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  1. Well thank you ESET Forums you guys were a GREEEEAAAAT help. Looks like I don't need to ask questions here anymore cuz no one has any timely answers. If someone from ESET had taken a moment to give me the answers I would have had this disk made in a matter of 30 minutes but instead it took me over 7 hours of trial and error, good thing I have DVD-RWs or I wouldn't even have attempted it. And before anyone says, "You can use a flash drive instead of DVDs," yes I know you can but there is a reason I need it on disk. Anyways sorry about the venting but I have been a long time ESET user and was hoping that the ESET community would be just as impressive as the software. I might take the time to explain how this is done if there are even many people interested in making these rescue disks/drives. Happy Football Day! WhoDEY!
  2. Look guys this is PC security 101. DO NOT RUN 2 ACTIVE SECURITY SUITES SIDE BY SIDE. Just as arakasi said, it will slow down ur system, cause locks, and even has the potential to make ur system more vulnerable. Choose one active security, preferably one that best catches and cleans the most dangerous threats. We all know which one that is. That being said I have 5 supplemental scanners installed on my PC but none of them run at startup or give me any kind of active protection. The only time they do anything is when I tell them to run a scan because we all know that no one security suite catches em all. If you want to know my on-demand scanners list it is very similar to arakasi's: malwarebytes pro, superantispyware pro, hitman pro, spybot search and destroy, and combofix. I will add a word of caution about the last 3 on the list but particularly the last 2. If you are not at a computer technician you my wanna stay away from these very zealous cleaners as they have the potential to harm ur PC if you don't know what ur looking at when they give you a list of threats. But they are some of the best serious post-infection cleaners around. Remember, one active suite, as many on demand scanners as ur heart desires, do not scan simultaneously, and research ur flagged threats before deletion this is how u will become a PC security power user. Happy hunting.
  3. Come on ESET Enthusiasts, someone has gotta know the answers to these questions.
  4. My questions concern adding external applications to my SysRescue Disk. Does the app need to be a portable version? What file/folder do I direct SysRescue toward? For example do I direct SysRescue to the installation folder in Program Files or directly to the executable, or am I missing it entirely and I should be pointing to the setup file for the app? Am I able to add more than one external app? Can the apps be additional Security Software such as Malwarebytes? Once the app has been successfully added how is it accessed once booted into the SysRescue Disk? I know I posed a lot of questions but I would appreciate any insight that can be offered. Thank you for your time and help in advance. Edit: I should also mention that I have succesfully created a SysRescue Disk allready and I attempted to add Malwarebytes to it by directing SysRescue Creation to the Malwarebytes installation folder under Program Files on my PC. I did not recieve any errors during creation process but once booted into the SysRescue Disk I found no indication of Malwarebytes, I even tried some mbam.exe commands but no no avail. Thanks again.
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