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  1. I am opening the floor for discussions for those who have already configured this option from within ESET Secure Authentication. I am currently using the Windows Login and Remote Desktop configurations, but I would like to enable the VPN option. Upon successfully configuring Windows Login and Remote Desktop, I did test the VPN setup, but reverted the install as it blocked my RRAS connections. I suspect there are some settings I need to adjust, but I thought I could find wisdom here at the forum. I look forward to hearing your stories. Thanks in advance.
  2. Akin, You may already know this, but the installer needs to be run on EACH computer where the Windows Login feature is desired. It took me a while to discover this. While you need to install the Core features on a server (or system acting as the Remote Admin server), you also need to run the same installer on each client computer. The difference lies in the options you choose at the time of installation.
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