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  1. I can only confirm there is a bug in Interactive Firewall Mode. Over time (when the rules list are grow) i have CPU usage problem - on startup and over normal pc work When i delete my rules and switch to automatic mode - problem solved Eset - please check this bug Thanks!
  2. reset eset is to default settings fixed my problem..... but it hapend second time to me I have set Interactive firewall and rest of settings are default
  3. hmmmm it is not After uninstall Proxifier still have cpu problem on startup (screenshot) On system startup - after about 1-2 minute cpu problem disapeard ( and automaticly activate security functions in Eset Firewall) Sometimes its happen on normal web browising
  4. Hi Thanks for reply! I dont have problem with activation but cpu/system hang ups. Protected service not solved my problem Only when i disable Eset Firewall Win10x64 / Proxifier / Eset IS v10
  5. Hi Still problem with Eset 10 IS and Proxifier. At windows starts Eset take 20% of processors for 2-3 min. Sometimes Chorme browser hang up for the same time for no reason. The solution that helps is to turn off Eset Firewall module..... but i dont want to do that way. Eset pleas fix this problem Thanks
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