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  1. Just wanted to update that as of today, running Eset (virus signature db 15901 [20170811]), on a fully updated Win10 install, that things appear to be working fine. Seems like some odd switch somewhere got fixed? @_@
  2. Yeah everything's been set to default... I've uninstalled, reinstalled, default-ed, disabled the firewall... nothing. Just received a sw update to Eset, will see if anything's changed...
  3. #1 - have tried previously (I went through all the websites searching for why windows store wouldn't update, not knowing it was ESET), using admin rights in the cmd prompt, just tried again, didn't work #2 - have definitely tried previously, ran it again, it said 'fixed', but the issue is still present #3 - date and time have always been correct, have double checked settings regardless, still does not work #4 - updates have always been set to automatic, and they are not updating TL;DR it does not work unless I do not have ESET installed
  4. Have disabled SSL/TLS filtering, and have changed to pre-release updates... still no go.
  5. Disabling SSL/TLS filtering doesn't make a difference. I could not find the setting for changing to pre-release updates, despite using search... where exactly is it?
  6. I am experiencing this issue, running on Win10. Windows Update works, but the Store does not. Downloads are stuck at a few KB downloaded.
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