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  1. Unfortunately, since i switched to the previous version i cannot generate a new memory dump. The CrashDumpEnabled was enabled to record only the kernel memory and as result sending you the current dmp will not help you at all. The rules that have been created automatically in learning mode are approximately 87. I will test another client pc as soon as possible and i will inform you.
  2. The same thing happened to two clients running Windows 10 (x64) in my company, that i tested the new version. However era and agent update was fluent. The one was in Automatic Mode and the other was in Policy Based Mode. Turning the second in Automatic solved the issue however when added a new pc user account the same happened even it was already in automatic mode. Disabling the HIPS didn't help Had to turn off the firewall and restart. As a result i switched them both to the previous version.