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  1. By the way, in addition to unwanted refreshing, I see the icon figure of my pdf files disappeared; and still ESET doesn't detect any threat to my laptop. Hope what I provided using Wireshark can give you any clue so that to help me resolve the problem. I appreciate it in advance (y). Regards;
  2. I didn't know how to work with Wireshark, I have tried to learn, and here is what I got. Hope it works. the file is saved as .txt. Regards; Hossein Trying to install 9.0.408.0.txt
  3. Dear Sir/Madam I have a 9.0.318.0 product, bought from ASUS of Iran along my Laptop. I have tried to update the product to 9.0.408.0 for so many times; the download bar appears, it remain for few seconds and suddenly close itself and says "product update ended up with and error: file not found on server". what should I do to keep my product up to date? Meanwhile, I found my computer refresh its desktop without being asked for, and a little tiny sound I hear from the hardware of my laptop -for less than a second- at the moment of refreshing. I guess it might be a virus; while when I scan my computer with eset smart security, it says there is no threats found. Please let me know I can I stop this un-wanted refreshing of my desktop? you might find as a new virus coming up on the internet or ...? Thank you for your helps in advance. Regards Hossein
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