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  1. No more honest antivirus solutions. But you can not be without protection either. With all the evil one has to choose the lesser and block unnecessary connections with the Internet. </a> </a> Everybody Lies Dr. Gregory House
  2. First, all connections for ESS are blocked, except for one update server. Therefore ESS can not know what the server is down. Secondly, ESS periodically tries to connect to one, then after a while to another ip address. As I said for all the time that I monitor the network connections ip address from edf.eset.com ALWAYS was the only "". Before that time, I had never seen him change. Thirdly, I always wondered why the products of a private company with the headquarters of Slovakia dozens of times a day establish connections with servers in USA. I have been using ESET products for a long time and any deviation in their work causes suspicion. Especially considering the fact that antivirus products stand in second place after the OS to steal user personal data.
  3. In official list this ip not available. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb332/?locale=en_US
  4. An hour ago ESS stopped connecting to edf.eset.com at and now uses the new address This is normal? I've never seen before that would address when it changed to another.
  5. Please tell me why from today, when visiting https site, ESS tries to connect with crl4.digicert.com and cs9.wac.pchicdn.net. Yet yesterday he did not do it. What change? I know that it is sites for verification of SSL certificates, but i disable SSL/TLS traffic filtration. Why ESS does it? How now disable it and please does not tell me that it for my good? Let me decide what is good and what's bad. Just give the answer as it's disabled in the settings.
  6. I have always used only one. And this is the second day of not working. Maybe something happened with server.
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