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  1. Today the communication between Eset and the Security Center works, although I restarted the PC several times yesterday, it didn't work, today it works. I updated Eset ver. 14 directly from vers 13. Thank you for your prompt reply.
  2. I have problems with the Windows Security Center, there is no status query of the Eset IS v 14 possible, with vers. 13 communication between the security center and Eset worked without problems.
  3. Hello, I installed version 12.2.31 today, is this the current version, nothing is mentioned here?
  4. Hallo Marcos I hav install ESS v 9, this works fine for me, thanks for helping.
  5. Hello I have carried out an update of ESS v9 for ESS 10. Unfortunately, ESS 10 has no Internet access, activation and update do not function. I use Win 10 and a programme VPN with name Astrill. V ESS 9 had Internet access and ran without problems. If Somebody has a solution what has changed with ESS 10 in relation of the programme VPN. Thank you very much
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