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  1. Because remote installation always failed for unknown reason. So I've decide deployment using *.bat ( Agent Live Installer ). Unfortunately, it's deploy agent only. I know, if agent installed successfully, you can push install endpoint from ERA and its easy. But, when push installation failed, error information its very simple. Look at that picture ? How can i see error log or any information ? Maybe some one can helping me, for get more information if push installation endpoint failed ? ESET describe many ways for installation, but our client doesn't have active directory for deployment via GPO or SCCM. So, i am decide make some script for manual deployment, i think its much easier than using AgentLiveInstaller.bat generated from ERA Server. This script contains 2 file agentcfg.ini and executable file. [Config] EndpointURL_32bit="hxxp://" EndpointURL_64bit="hxxp://" AgentURL_32bit="hxxp://" AgentURL_64bit="hxxp://" HostnameServer="" ERAPort="2222" AgentCert="Your BaseCode64 Agent Certificate" CACert="Your BaseCode64 Authority Certificate" Edit and change according to your server configuration. Maybe this trick can helping sysadmin for deployment ESET more easier. Notes : you must compile using autoit for get executable file sourcecode.zip
  2. ERA6 Setup script automatically detected file libmyodbc5.so, this file cannot be found if you install default mysql odbc connector from yum. Please remove existing mysql odbc connector, then download and install MySQL ODBC Connector driver from this link https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/
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