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  1. Gudday itman; That appears to have solved the update issue, although the program seems to have wound itself back to the previous version in doing so. The HIPS issue remains, with the program telling me that it cannot access the driver still. Thanks very much for the information and advice, I'll see how the HIPS issue goes and let you know. I owe you a beer... - W.
  2. Hi folks; About a week ago, my ESET antivirus suddenly decided that it couldn't access the update server. last update was on 10/12/16. I have checked firewalls and adware / malware programs, and the program has access through these. I have not installed any new software for some months. I have never experienced this issue previously. I have also run a full antivirus scan, with no issues being reported. In addition, I have begun getting the message that HIPS is inactive, and the "user rules fle contains invalid data" with the additional note that HIPS cannot access the driver. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (yeah, I know...) 16G Ram, 64 bit system, i7 CPU with all the latest updates installed. ESET version 9.0.408.0 installed. My ESET licence is valid until the 09/10/17. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Warren B.
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