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  1. Hi, first my english not very well and i want to ask 2 questions Windows 7 ESET Smart Security 10 question 1: how can i input domain instead of IP to firewall zone ? i set the 3 major Win7 program allow access to internet svchost.exe/wuauserv (Windows Update) port: TCP 80, 443 svchost.exe/NlaSvc (detect internet for switch Home / Public network function) port: TCP 80 svchost.exe/CryptSvc (is about update the .cab files ...etc) port: TCP 80 so i go to Firewall > Zone > created a zone called Microsoft Trusted Zone, and input all the IPs is collected by popup ask Allow or Deny windows,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then i go to Firewall > Firewall Rule > set the 3 major Win7 program allow access to zone: Microsoft Trusted Zone so now i just need to add or remove IP from Microsoft Trusted Zone, and no need change the 3 major program firewall rule anymore but actually all the IPs is ref to the domain as below deploy.akamaitechnologies.com ds.download.windowsupdate.com fe2.update.microsoft.com www.microsoft.com crl.microsoft.com so can i add the 5 domain to zone ?, instead of keeping mark down the IP from popup window and add to Microsoft Trusted Zone question 2: the popup window asking a program Allow or Deny to access internet, but i am typing a document and press a spacebar, and the popup window gone, so this action will make to default Allow or Deny ? if default is Allow access internet, i think this is the security problem so can i change the popup window default select Deny ? or the popup window ignore all the keyboard input ? sorry my english not very good, Thankyou
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