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  1. Goodmorning, i got the same issue with xola. I upgraded to remote admin 6, added the license using the password that has been emailed to me, however in ela.eset.com in "Dashboard" it still says " Waiting for approval of license owner If i try to add the license again, it sais it already exists, and if i select cancel the following message appears: " Do yo want to continue? By cancelling the unit authorization request, License Owner will no longer be able to authorize you as Security Admin, to perform unit distributions with selected license ‏33C-R3N-CVX for ESET Endpoint Protection Standard. "
  2. I just upgraded from Server 5 to 6, including ERA and I also do not see any benefits in the upgrade, not to mention that ERA 6 (including SQL & TomCat) now required more than 300mb of RAM
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