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  1. Further to my message shown above, I forwarded the query to Eset Support on 20th May and received the following response from them on 22nd May: Good afternoon Currently, it’s not possible, however I will submit it as a market requirement, which, if there’s enough call for it, it will be implemented. I apologise for the inconvenience Many thanks Neal Emery, Eset Certified Technician Technical Customer Care Engineer (Question sent on Saturday - Responded to on Monday - Very good customer service.)
  2. Thank you 'peteyt' - I saw your message for the first time today. I might put the question to Eset Customer Care and assuming I receive a response from them, I will post their answer on this forum. Thanks again.
  3. I have recently upgraded to Eset Smart Security Premium and this post relates to Password Manager. When I turn the p.c. 'on' in the morning, I enter the Password Manager 'Master Password'. All goes well and, after using the p.c., I decide to put it to sleep, while I carry on with other matters in the house. Then my wife wants to use the p.c. She has to enter the Master Password until she has finished using the p.c. and puts it back in sleep mode. 30 minutes later I want to go back to the p.c., 'wake' the p.c. and I have to re-enter the Master Password. I would not leav
  4. As a follow up to the above message, this morning I received an e-mail acknowledgement from Technical Customer Care asking that I contact that department by telephone. Thank you.
  5. I have just submitted a 'ticket' using the link you kindly included in your (above) reply. Once I have heard from your 'Customer Care'. I will advise you accordingly. Thank you.
  6. From the 'Help & Support' page of the Eset icon in the task bar, then by clicking on 'Customer Care', then clicking on 'Submit Support Request'.
  7. I have just (at 14:41) tried to submit a support request, agreeing to allow changes to be made to this p.c. and received the following 'message' 404 We are sorry, this page cannot be found This is the 6th or 7th time I have tried to submit the same request today, all of them resulting in the same response.
  8. I have only recently subscribed to the Premium version of Eset and wanted to create an encrypted folder on a removable USB drive. For these 'practice' purposes, I used an old 'Word' document. I inserted the USB stick then created a password. I dragged the document into the encrypted folder. I then deleted the document from the folder - right click & delete. The document was deleted from the folder. I then tried to delete the folder - right click & delete. I am asked 'Are you sure you want to permanently delete this folder?' I click
  9. TO DWOMACK: I do not appear to have received notification of your (above) response to my post. I only saw your comment when I received notification of FONEIL's response. I had looked at the link that you have shown in your reply and thought it referred to a different subject. It appeared to me to be far too complicated for what I wanted to do! Nevertheless, thanks for replying. TO FONEIL: Those are the steps that I (eventually) took to make the required change. Thank you.
  10. I have recently purchased the Premium version of Eset and have created a Master Password to use with Password Manager and followed that by adding various websites to Password Manager. I now wish to change the Master Password I created but cannot find any reference showing how to change it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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