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  1. Hi to all comunity! I want to know how is the correct way to enable googlemaps in all of my users pcs using an url block policy with era... The issue is because in my company we are only enabling some pages and googlemaps is a must but using in the Policy configuration options -> web and email -> web access protection -> url adress administration -> Adress list. In the Blocked Url we have http//:*, https//:* and www.* And for the Allowed Url adresses i put for googlemaps: *.google.com.ar./maps/* (i have this adress because im from Argentina and the domain adress of google maps is that url if i need to modify the url plz let me know!). The issue is that ESET Era is blocking that url and i cant have access to that site... If someone can help me it will be much appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hi thanks for the reply but what i need to do in this page?
  3. Hello community, I would like to make an inquiry In our company we bought 40 licenses of Esent Endpoint Antivirus and I manage them with Era Web Admnistrator. The problem is when we format our computers do not manually uninstall the Endpoint Antivirus of these computers and when I look to see if the Era tells me that I have available those licenses tell me that they are still used when they were deleted from those computers ... Is there any way to recover these licenses as I would need to reuse them on other computers Please, I need a favorable answer since for our company it was a very big expense to make an investment in those licenses ... Thank you so much.
  4. Yes but we dont have a dns server in our company... Thats why we dont resolve adresses by name how can i change those settings???
  5. I deploy the agent to each computer i listed but the agent seem dont recognize the server... When i deploy the agent each computer i added i put the IP of each one and was succesfully installed... I ping to the server and the server ping each computer i have disconected the firewall of the server and the computers but its no good... Each city are connected to a VPN i dont know if this things is an issue or not... How can i continue :(???
  6. I have connection between the server and the agent i mean... from server i deploy this agent to the machine so i have listening between the agent and the server i think you mean that??? And the server is named SRV-AV so i dont know if changing those things i will have the same result. And im a junior IT programmer so plz be more abudant in your reply... Sorry!
  7. Here are the logs that display the Agent in one of the computers..
  8. In the server or in the computer machine??
  9. Hello!! Its me again hahaha... In my last post i told that i install the EEA with ERA webconsole in my computers radicated in Rosario, Argentina... Now i want to install it in another city that we have in our company and i have the next problem... Because my ERA doesnt found those computers (I saw in a tutorial that the way to add computers are from a report that is showned in the Dashboard layer) i add those computers manually with Add computers option in the Computers layer. I deploy the agent in those computers and the agent was succesfully installed. At that point all good. When i restart those computers so i can see the "box" that resemble the "Era agent installed" the box doesn't appear and when i try to install the EEA in those computers the Policy doesnt do anything... I need to do it manually or i am doing something wrong... Here are some images!! Sorry about the images are in Spanish but im form Argentina you know! Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the reply and your answer now i know the reason that i can't see the reports of those things... And thanks for the tip about the attach images. Plz end this topic i am very gratefull about all of your help thanks again!!!
  11. I am using Eset Remote Administrator to manage Esert Endpoint Antivirus... And i can manage web controls with era to my eea... Neverthenless i dont know what you say in those 2 last replys of this post... Answering about the configuration that you show me i do all the things that you do. But i have some issues... First: The report dont show the computer's names Second: Despite i do this the report doesn't do anything is in blank... (I assing the policy to the computers btw). And a question... The GUI you show is different that my GUI i use thats because i have another ERA or its Only for you???. How can i attach those images in my post so i can show it to you?? I dont want to put a link everytime i want to show some pic hahahha Thanks for the reply!! and sorry for my late answer!!!
  12. Here are the settings that i made so i think i can see all the logs of my visited urls... Here the report setting ( note that i cant put the Computer Names of each user because if i put this setting in the option box the options are modified and in the web control layer i only see the user option and i dont know if it is the same as the computer name option) hxxp://imageshack.com/a/img922/987/DYtad6.jpg The Report that i want to see is something like this... Computer Name Visited Url Times Visited COMPUTER 1 www.google.com 5 COMPUTER 1 www.youtube.com 3 . . . . . . . . . COMPUTER 2 www.facebook.com 2 And here the rule to detect (i think?) the urls that i visit hxxp://imageshack.com/a/img922/5691/d4nqKs.jpg Now and again i want to see wich urls each user visit so then i can block those when we want to put the block url policy... And i dont know how a rule can detect the report if i dont join the rule with the report... or i am missing something??? Plz answer i want to get rid of this proyect as soon as i can... Thanks!!!
  13. I do the things that you suggest but the report doesn't retrive anything... I want to attach some screens so you can see my configuration but i can't post it where i can go so i show you the images???
  14. How can i see those logs or how can i access to this debug logging??
  15. Hello again!! I have all my Terminals with ESET Endpoint Antivirus installed and running with my proxy policies that i ask in the later post of mine... My boss ask me about some sort of requirements to do with some reports in the web console and thats why now i am asking this kind of things... The 2 reports that my boss whant me to do are: - See how many times an user access to a certain url so he can know what are the most accessed url's in the company - See how many minutes does this user spend in each url Does ERA Remote Administrator can do this kinds of reports??? Thanks!!
  16. Hi, Magically the Policys start to work when we restart ours pcs so it was solved thanks for the patience and the replys!!
  17. Hmmm... I dont know if you understand me... I want to manage by ERA WEB CONSOLE (ERA REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR) the url blockage of my terminals by using policies that has ESET Endpoint Antivirus... I saw in youtube tutorials that the ERA console 5.x has the option to set custom policies to either EES or EEA so when i try to do it here in ESET WEB CONSOLE 6.x i saw that the only option that the web console has its the ESET Security Producs for Windows and only works on EES and no in EEA so my question was how can i put a policy in ERA WEB CONSOLE that allows me to block all the unwanted urls in all my computers and dont need to do it one by one... i hope now you understand me... and sorry if i am not very clear but my english its not so good Thanks for the answers
  18. Yes you can do it, if you have ERA web console go to ADMIN -> POLICIES -> NEW POLICY -> SETTINGS -> 'ESET Security Product For Windows' -> Web and Email -> Web access protection -> URL ADRESS MANAGEMENT and there you can block or give permission to access to diferents urls... I dont really know thats why im asking about that... With ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY the ERA block and permit all the urls that i enter but a machine with ESET ENDPOINT ANTIVIRUS doesn't do anything... if you can do it plz let me know!!! Waiting for more answers!!!
  19. Hello Comunity im a Junior IT employee in a Logistic Company that we are currently implementing ESET Endpoint Antivirus Softwares in our machines... I install the Era Web Console 6.4 recently and i deploy the agent with the Endpoint Antivirus software in each machine but my problem was that i want to implement a Block Url Polocy to each machine... But when i want to do it in the New Policy Setting i only found the ESET Security Product For Windows option and when i try to set that policy to our machines it didnt work... Trying to figure what can be the problem i have in my machine an ESET Endopoint Security Software and when i do that policy to that machine it works... My question is... Web Console cant assing url's blockage policies to ESET Endpoint Antivirus Software or i am doing something wrong??? Plz Help!!! P.D: Sorry for my horrible English im from Argentina...
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