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  1. There were some issues in their license database and they fixed it. Most importantly they not only fixed it, but implemented a permanent fix for this to never happen again. @Marcos and @MichalJ Thank you for your help and time!
  2. @MichalJ Thank you for your reply, I've sent you public key id in messages.
  3. Yes, I've got all of them and clicked all of them! And every time, I click the link, I got the error. Screenshot with that error I've already sent to @Marcos. Here is the screenshot from browser developer tools:
  4. @MichalJ If we're talking about SMC, it had previous (expiring) license with a different key. And every time I tried to add this one (renewed), it failed with the error, saying, that this license is already added. Then I've removed this old license and tried to add this renewed license once again, it failed with a different error. Unfortunately, I didn't remember it and cannot recreate that case, because now, trying to add this renewed license, it fails, saying, that this license is already added, but the list is empty.
  5. >You mentioned that you were trying to add your license to EBA. Does it mean that you are able to log in to EBA alright? Correct, I have created EBA account. >What error message (in English please, if possible) did you get? "Cannot link license", or something like that.
  6. Recently I have renewed my ESET license and updated ERA to SMC. Upon trying to add my new license into SMC, I get error, saying that this licence is already added, even though the list is still empty (not a caching/delay issue, as this issue persist for 2-3 days already). Trying to add this license into EBA, I get also an error, after using the link in confirmation e-mail. Ofcourse I have tried contacting my local reseller first. There was actually an issue with activating this license, but it was resolved immediately. With regard to _this_ issue, they've tried to do something on their end, but nothing changed for me really. In the last email they've sent me a screenshot of ELA, showing a green check, assuring me, that it's all fine, as if I was having troubles with ELA. It is _not_ okay for me, if I cannot use my new license in SMC, no matter how green the check in their screenshot is. I'm starting to loose my patience. Could my issue be dealt with by ESET developers instead?
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