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  1. Just to note that 11711 is the latest available update for Android, when lot of "general" signatures posted in the following days report "Android" (like 19206... 19216, 19217, 19218 to name few examples) So what's the problem?
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately it is what I am doing. I am using the free version and so I am using the manual update. But as shown here https://www.virusradar.com/en/update/android it seems that Update 11711 is the latest one...
  3. My Android doesn't get new updates since early morning of 16th april Last version is 11711 Is it normal or are there some problems with the update servers for Android smartphones?
  4. Well guys It is very annoying not to be able to see the log of the filtered websites, and is very sad that even the developers don't know why a feature, perfectly available until a month ago, it is no more available...
  5. Already set to Informative I repeat... it worked regularly until a pair of weeks ago Maybe some new module has changed the behaviour.
  6. Since a week or two, even if the pop-up notification alerts me that some websites are on blacklisted or contains PUA, anyway nothing is saved into Tools ---> "Filtered Websites" Windows 7 SP1 64bit ESET version 8.0.319.0
  7. Maybe "Process Monitor" can give you a hint about "which" file is being scanned right before the freeze https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx go to Tools --> Process Tree --> Select ekrn.exe (or whatever it is in Windows10) --> click "include Process" at bottom of page And see My two cents
  8. Thanks... you got the point. With all due respect for Marcos is like when you see someone asking why there are some problems with Internet Explorer and reading replies telling "use Firefox" It could be sufficient for me to know: - where is this "user rules file" - what to do with it (I can access to this disk form another boot, so i can delete this file it with no problem) - if it something contained in (which) registry key and what to do with it - why it came up (that is what module update could have caused it) - etc.
  9. Version 8.0.319.0 Today, when I switched on the PC I see that message showing in the Events log Needless to say that since yesterday nothing changed and so the message should not be there. Do others have the same behaviour? I tried to Disable HIPS, restart, Re-enable HIPS, restart, but the message appears again Any idea or solution?
  10. It seems that the problem (at least as far as I am concerned) it is no more present, without doing anything I went to "filtered webistes" and nothing happened, so I could delete all the entries without any hang Maybe it was a problem with one module that, in the meantime, has been updated... or maybe God knows why. Thanks anyway Virus signature database: 13395 (20160426) Rapid Response module: 7913 (20160426) Update module: 1062 (20151228) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1482 (20160330) Advanced heuristics module: 1168 (20160304) Archive support module: 1248 (20160329) Cle
  11. Mine is 792 bytes (4.096 bytes on disk) There are only 2 entries inside May I delete manually that urllog.dat file without messing up the PC? I forgot to say that when the GUI hangs, the CPU goes to 25% (I have a 4 core i5 CPU, Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium 64bit)
  12. As in title... whenever I go to Tools --> Filtered Websites the GUI (egui.exe) hangs and is unresponsive So I have to kill it and relaunch This is happening in the last few days Any ideas For example how to clean the Filtered Websites list (maybe a clean up suffices) ESET NOS32 Antivirus 8.0.319.0 Virus signature database: 13378 (20160422) Rapid Response module: 7896 (20160422) Update module: 1062 (20151228) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1482 (20160330) Advanced heuristics module: 1168 (20160304) Archive support module: 1248 (20160329) Cleaner module: 1120 (20160
  13. I presume that the answer is "Yes, the free version doesn't update its daily signatures" Thank anyway
  14. Automatic updates = Daily signature updates or Module updates?
  15. Is Eset really (really) free for Android (I mean with all obvious daily updates)? I have Samsung Galaxy 3 Neo Where is your income if it is free?
  16. ... do I have to "check" the "Allow registry and driver loading etc. etc. rule" to be active?
  17. Switched to Smart... do I have to "check" the "Allow registry and driver loading etc. etc. rule" to be active? It seems it is not active by default...
  18. Is it normal that no Self Defense module is shown in the about window? is it "included" in the HIPS reference? PS Does self-defense work if HIPS is disabled? I have EAV 8.0.319.0
  19. I remember that once, on wilders, there was a thread that contained the best settings for NOD32 (I think it talked about version 4 or previous ones) Do you have something similar for version 8? Any suggestion to "improve" the default settings that come after the installation?
  20. In the list of installed components of ESET AV version 8 (that comes out in "About") I can see all the modules, but not the Self Defense. Do I have to reinstall or is it the expected behaviour?
  21. When I used NOD32 v. 4.2 I remember that I could choose from which server (um01.eset.com/....., etc. etc.) to download the signature updates Now I tried ESET 8 and I see that there is no way, in the advanced setup, to insert the servers address. Why is it so?
  22. What is the (new and suddenly appeared among all the other modules in About) Rapid Response Module for?
  23. It is running TYPE : 2 FILE_SYSTEM_DRIVER STATUS : 4 RUNNING (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN) ........... but mini-filter is not recording anything OK... let's forget about it... I'll investigate Thanks anyway
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