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  1. I tried the v8 with no success. So, I've decided to format again. If the problem persist, I'll let u know.
  2. No, I haven't tried v8. I tried local support (Brasil) over the ESET Ticket #301779 and #304062, but no success. I think the local support here is more comercial than technical. Using the Process Monitor v3.31 I made a boot log file to search for something wrong, but I'm not familiar with this tool yet. For now I'll give it a shot and try v8. Thanks!
  3. No. My issue remains. I've updated the program to version 9.0.402.0, but nothing changes. So I uninstalled the 9.0.402.0 version and installed NOD32 with the "Live Installer", returning to the 9.0.386.0 version.
  4. Hi.. I have a bootup issue with the Windows 10 + ESET NOD32. The startup time of my notebook is fast, but the ESET doesn't. Until the ESET icon appear in system tray, I have NO internet access and I can't open ESET Client. After the ESET icon appears in system tray my internet access returns and I can open the ESET Client. Timeline: | 00h00m09s - Login screen. | 00h00m14s - Hit ENTER (after typing password). | 00h00m17s - PC is ready to go and I can open apps (less ESET and internet access). | 00h01m21s - ESET goes to system tray and I have internet access. Until the ESET icon appear, I can normally open the browser and type a website, but the browser stay waiting for the ESET. After the ESET icon come to the system tray, the website opens. I've formated my notebook twice, always with clean installation but I had the same issue and I don't know what to do anymore. ESET version: 9.0.386.0 Note: sorry for my bad english.
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