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  1. I get this same message on chrome. At first I blocked it but I think that it might have been the cause of some of my problems -though this is speculation- and since the reinstall I have let it run and my computer seems better for it. Time will tell.
  2. All done now, reinstalled ESET, time will tell if it is all good.
  3. But Jerry, you need protection. Are you really willing to go without it? I have had to resort to using MSE and windows firewall for now. At the moment the choice is to have "protection" on a computer that keeps freezing or run lesser protection and have a computer that flies. I have a mate in Argentina who has suggested downloading it again and he will remote operate my machine to sort out any issues, so that might be the next step. Obviously I have paid for the ESET so I want it to work.
  4. I have uninstalled it and run another full system recovery, now running without the ESET and everything seems fine. I'll see how it gets on over the next few days.
  5. Still seems to be suffering from the same problems, so probably not the ESET.
  6. I only installed it about two weeks back and it is updated every day so I assume it is the latest version of Nod 32. I just uninstalled it to see if that makes a difference.
  7. I only just joined and am awaiting approval for my first post. I think the same applies to this post as well.
  8. Sine a total restore on my Samsung laptop I had installed nod 32 and since then my laptop keeps freezing/locking up and being unresponsive to the point that I have to turn it of and try system restore again. The laptop is a few years old, running i5 and windows 7. Though I had some issues before this, the full restore seemed to stop that but now the machine is almost unusable. Any thoughts on this problem and is there a fix. I did a search and found there were some issues with eset causing lock ups.
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