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  1. I can't even find it under my profile. Who am I supposed to contact about this?
  2. Every time I try to view a New York Times article using Safari, I get the following message: Where "xxxxx" is the URL of the article. When I disable "Web access protection" in the Cyber Security Pro settings, the site works. The strange thing is that when I use Chrome, the website still works regardless of whether I disabled web access protection. So I go to the Web access protection settings and under the URL Lists tab, enter in the website with the following line: "*.xxxxx.com*". The address list is selected as being "URL excluded from scanning". I've tried different variations including "http:www.xxxxx.com*", "*www.xxxxx.com*", "*.xxxxx.*". None of them make any difference. I've also tried checking and unchecking the "Enabled" checkbox beside "List Setup" and it makes no difference. I've disabled my installed ad blockers and it makes no difference. I'm using "Ghostery" and "Adblock". I'm currently using Safari 9.1.2 (11601.7.7) and Mac OS X version 10.11.6 Attached are screenshots of my current configuration in Cyber Security Pro and the message I see in Safari. Am I configuring this incorrectly? If so, what is the proper setup?
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