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  1. Ok, but where to put it? I can enter a passphrase for the certificate I am creating, one for the CA, but a network password ....
  2. Hello I am trying to create a new certificate, following this guide https://support.eset.com/kb3686/#hostnamewarning1 So I do this ( see photo) I have tried both with password and without. The error message does not change But When I press finish I get this error Failed to create certificate: Creating and signing peer certificate failed. Check input parameters for invalid or reserved characters, check certification authority pfx/pkcs12 signing certificate and corresponding password.: Trace info: CreatePeerCertificate: PFXImportCertStore failed with The specified network password is not correct. Error code: 0x56 Where is this password? How can I change it?
  3. Hello Marcos Could it be something else also? I have spoke to the FW technicians, port 8883 is now open from us to epns.eset.com but it still does not work. Is epns.eset.com configured to respond to ping? How can I test?
  4. Hello, When I push a "send a wake up call" I get "failed to send wake-up call: eset push notification service not available." I am not using any proxy and the Eset Endpoint and agent are updated. How can I fix this? Thank you
  5. Hello Marcos Is it possible to exclude somehow all address for a domain? for example *company.com? Thank you
  6. Hello Marcos Can you please show me how to exclude? Thank you
  7. Hello all Recently we had some issues with ESET. We have Eset Endpoint Protection in our environment. We are also using sign Sign On for some applications. We have noticed that SSL/TLS Protocol filtering was blocking / altering https traffic to ADFS, related to sign in info, which was preventing users from logging in to the applications. After disabling the SSL/TLS filter (as atatched in the picture) the sign in process succeeded. Is this ok for this to happen? Thank you
  8. Hello Marcos Please see attached logs and let me know if I have collected them correctly. eea_logs.zip
  9. Hello, I do not have this problem yet, I was just trying to be proactive and see if I can do something to prevent it, such as maybe install an update to the product or something Sorry if I did not explain myself clearly enaugh
  10. Yes, I have a license for about 600 computers
  11. Hello Can anyone tell me how is ESET treating the Zenis Ransomware threat? Thank you
  12. Hello I would like to to know if the Eset Outlook plug in also works in environments where it is used with Exchange Online, so not with Imap and Pop3 Thank you
  13. Hello all Can ESET detect and stop the Bad Rabbit Ransomware ? Thank you
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