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  1. Okay I already thought that would be the problem. My pupose of the own CA was that I wanted to create for each of our servers. So I don't have everything in one CA and in one Server.
  2. Okay so I used the ERA WebGUI to create a new CA under Admin - Certificates - CA | Action - New. There I fill in all the Gapps with a Passphrase and thats it actually.
  3. So I just factory reseted my OVA and everything works as soon as I use the default CA and default peer certificates. If I use an own CA it doens't work. So am I doing something wrong by creating a new CA?
  4. This means that AGENT does not trust SERVER's certificate because it is missing its CA certificate. You have most probably installed AGENT with wrong CA certificate - AGENT expects CA certificate that was used to sign SERVER's certificate. I guess you have multiple CA certificates and you have choose wrong one - is this the case? Well I've got one CA and four peer certificates. I've created all of them and delete the ones that came from scratch.
  5. Okay first the informations: I've download the virtuall appliance of the ESET webpage and these are the versions fo the ERA Server: ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.4.304.0ESET Remote Administrator (Webconsole), Version CentOS (64-bit), Version 7.2.1511 I've installed the agent manually on one server and the log file contains three failures. Status log Scope Time Text Last replication 2016-Sep-21 07:51:16 Error: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "carimgt5" port: 2222' failed with: Connection close
  6. Hello, I'm currently using the Linux Appliance with ERA6 running on it. I can deploy the agents and install the software remotly, but the server will not show me any informations. The only machine that is shown at the dashboard, is the ERA machine itself, all others aren't on the list although the server with the agent installed on it, have the right settings. Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much. I will wait until the new appliance is released.
  8. Well I will try to create a Linux machine as a proxy, I think that would make more sense than setting up a Windows Server just to share the ESET updates. Thanka for your help Rook
  9. I'm using ERA6. So with proxy option you mean using a HTTP proxy?
  10. Well I've installed the version 6, I'll just try it out Edit: Okay I've installed everything. Now I've got a different problem. I can't get my ESLC running, it keeps saying that it failed to apply VM parameters. Maybe it is because I'm running it on a Hyper-V Host?
  11. Hello, well we've got already ERA 6 running on a VM. I just thought I could simply add the Shared Local Cache to it. I will install it on a new machine, so the question is actually not necessary anymore. But yesterday I configured our ESET policies and saw that the ESET Mail Security had the option to connect to a Shared Local Cache, I couldn't find the same option at the ESET File Security settings. Does this mean that ESET File Security isn't compatible to Shared Local Cache? Greets.
  12. Hello, in my company we've got a lot of locations and currently all the client geht their Updates from our ERA Server, where the traffic goes over our VPN Tunnel. So in order to reduce the traffic I would like to install subservers in each location, where the server downloads the updates from our server or the ESET server and then deploys them onto the clients. How can I do this the best way? Thanks
  13. Hello, I'm just installing the Share Local Cache Server and was wondering if it's possible to install both applications ERA and Share Local Cache onto one Server? Greets
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