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    droezel gave kudos to Markwd in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    @MichalJ For business proposal I would say data removal and data loss prevention would be the main reason. A possibilty to report the laptop as stolen (through a task in ESMC) so the person who then has the laptop, cannot use it and will be notified how to contact the owner of the laptop.
    Tracking down the laptop or making screenshots and/or photo's by webcam would not be priority (and I can imagine this is violating at least the GDPR rules).
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    droezel gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    @Markwd Hello, there are two reasons. Anti-theft in consumer is focused on device retrieval, not on the data security (no possibility to wipe the disk on the device). Also, the implementation capable of tracking screenshots / photos of the users, might violate a lot of corporate laws / regulations. If Anti-theft is introduced into the business versions, it will have to behave differently. If I can ask you a question, what kind of a problem you would like to solve with it? Would it be intended for device recovery, or more a data removal / prevention of misuse ?
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