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  1. I am not a techie so pardon the stupid question, but if I uninstall it 1st, how do I delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security
  2. I receive a red alert that the virus signature database is out of date. I click several times on Update but it does not update. I tried updating from the Update screen by hitting Update Now and it comes back with the message that it is up to date - even though the last update shows 8/16/2017, 15733 (20170712). I cleared the cache, I rebooted 4 times and every time the red security alert comes up with the same message. I have Windows7 Home Premium (64-bit), Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1. My ESET NOD32 version is
  3. I tried the repair and it did not work. Ultimately, I removed it and downloaded Antivirus 9 again. It seems to be fine now. Thank you.
  4. I recently updated to Antivirus 9 - on one of my computers (with a Windows 7 platform) I am getting the following error message: Antivirus protection is non-functional. virus scanner initialization failed. Most of the ESET NOD32 modules will not work I cannot find any recent help on this. I am not very techie so I need some simple language to fix this. Thank you.
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