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  1. IP address does not even belong to you. But the ESS is connected to it many times a day and almost always after power the computer. Without it is impossible even activate your product ESS. Very strange and suspicious that the update download from the Slovakia servers, and this server is located in the USA. I am more and more inclined to think that your company is involved in a leak of personal information of users from their computers.
  2. Firewall has blocked outgoing call ekrn.exe to the Akamai server. Logs are cleaned every 24 hours. So give them I can not. You do not have enough of my words? I have blocked already all connections for ekrn.exe except updates and activation. PS: In the two weeks that I have been using the new firewall I'm just horrified scale leak of information from the computer. The term "personal computer" is not applicable to computers with Windows 10. I will soon migrate to GNU\Linux. There are more serious about privacy.
  3. Today, through the firewall logs I saw that the ESS is connected to an unknown server that is not used by your company. What is the ip address and why it is connected to the ekrn.exe?
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